Professor Jan Czochralski, an outstanding Polish scientist, was born in Kcynia on October 23, 1885. He is renowned as an excellent metallurgist, physical chemist and crystallographer. His numerous patented solutions included “metal B”, which was profitable enough to let him live a wealthy life and work until the end of World War 2. From 1928 to the end of World War 2 he was employed at Warsaw University of Technology. After the war he was removed from the University and returned to his hometown Kcynia. Professor Czochralski died on April 22, 1953 in Poznań, Poland.

The results of Professor Czochralski’s works have been published in tens of scholarly papers and he is currently the most often quoted Polish scientist in the world. From the perspective of contemporary electronics, the most important achievement of Professor Czochralski was the development of crystal pulling method, now known as “CZ method”. In 1991, the Polish Society for Crystal Growth named Professor Czochralski as its honorary patron. In 2011, the senate of the Warsaw University of Technology restored the Professor’s good name.

In 2017 we celebrate the centenary of the “CZ method”. Professor Czochralski was not only a scientist and a family man, but also an intellectualist, a renowned art collector and a literature enthusiast.